You've been reading about mezcal ...
heard your friends talk about sotol ...
are interested in all these fancy tequilas.

If you live in Chicago,
the place to learn more is
Logan Square's Agave Triangle!

You make a $25 contribution to replant agave in rural Mexico.
You receive a receipt for your contribution.
You take that receipt to Masa Azul, Quiote,
Mi Tocaya, and Estereo.
Show your receipt at each of these fine establishments, and each will
thank you with a sample of a different agave spirit!

Number Attending

Masa Azul
Mi Tocaya
Trianon Tequila
Mezcal Koch
Real Minero
Rey Campero
Siete Misterios
La Venenosa Raicilla
Balam Raicilla
Cruz de Fuego
Flor del Desierto
Wahaka Mezcal
Bozal Mezcal
Siembra Metl
Mezcal Vago
5 Sentidos
Mezcal Union
Los Nahuales